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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm SystemsMost homes have battery operated or hard-wired smoke detectors installed. And most homeowners think they are adequately protected by these devices. However, this is simply not true. Every home should have monitored fire detection equipment installed. Should you have a fire in your home, the fire department will be notified and be en route immediately, in addition to the audible alarm that will sound locally. This is priceless in emergency situations where you cannot get out of your home or you are not at home to alert the fire department yourself. And in this type of situation, you want the fire department there as soon as possible to help rescue yourself and your family.

Safe FamilySome of the Equipment We Offer to Our Residential Clients Includes:

• Smoke Detectors
• Heat Detectors
• Carbon Monoxide/Gas Detectors
• Low Temperature Sensors
• Elevator Controls
• Commercial UL Monitoring

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