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Medical Alert Systems

CoupleAre you or someone you love a senior citizen or a person with a medical or physical condition who lives alone? Then please consider one of our Linear Personal Response Units. At the press of a button, our monitoring station is notified that a medical emergency may be taking place. The central station then notifies EMS and calls the premises to verify that help is needed. If no one can be reached at the premises or it is verified that help is needed, the people on your contact list are also notified. This service is available for $39.95 / mo rental (paid quarterly) or $29.95 (paid quarterly) / mo purchase ($199.00)

Life Trust Alarms' Linear emergency medical alert system, is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can continue enjoying a rich, independent lifestyle. Yet you're never alone because Life Trust Alarm is a constant presence, always looking out for you.

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